Trees/ Shrubs

Trees and shrubs can create the ideal setting for your home and garden. Keeping in mind scale, height and distance, L and R Landscaping will guide you in making the right choice.
Evergreens or Deciduous trees are green and textured and will look great in any garden, all year round. Privacy trees and or hedgerows will offer a clear boundary that’s prettier than any fence. Planting perennial shrubs and ornamental shrubs will add dimension and color to your landscape. Whatever your needs, L and R Landscaping provides a full range of trees and shrubs for your ideal landscape.


A variety of plants with the proper colors and textures will create a vibrant and attractive garden. Taking into account factors such as soil conditions, sprinkler or irrigation systems, and sun versus shade, choosing the perfect plants is easy with L and R Landscaping’s professional designers. We will work with your yard conditions to install plants that will create a stunning visual effect.


The ideal time to plant grass seeds is in the fall, when the soil is warm, but the nights are cooler so there is less weed growth. Once the grass seed is planted, it will take 6 – 8 weeks to germinate, and by spring time, the grass will sprout.
The experts at L and R Landscaping use both a slice seeder and a gas powered core aerator to plant the grass seed deep within the soil. Slice seeding makes an incision in the ground and then inserts the seed, the aerating machine pulls plugs of soil out of the ground first, creating air pockets for the soil to expand. Fluffy soil leads to a stronger, fuller lawn.
Planting seed grass is a few step process, and can take multiple applications, but the final result is a lush and healthy lawn that is well worth the wait.


Applying sod to your lawn will provide you with a perfect carpet of green grass- instantly! Full strips of sod are purchased from professional nurseries, and then delivered to your yard. L and R Landscaping teams will rake out the soil, and then roll out the yard. Once the edges are trimmed, you have the perfect lawn- in no time at all.


Our maintenance crew works in highly specialized teams, with each group trained in a specific area. This allows for the most efficient and expert service. The combined service of our experienced teams will ensure your yard is kept beautiful and healthy.

Grass Cutting

L and R Landscaping’s grass cutting crew is divided into commercial and residential maintenance so we can best manage the needs of each client.


Keep your weeds under control with L and R Landscaping. Pulling, hoeing and cutting back on weeds will protect your flowers, and herbicide will keep away regular unwelcome plants.

Pruning/ Trimming

Thinning shrubs lets in sunlight and air, for healthier plants and more flowers. L and R Landscaping regularly trims shrubs in order to hold their shape, or thin out old growth.


Dense mulch helps the soil retain it’s moisture and keeps plant roots cool. L and R Landscaping’s crew will apply this vital step a few times a year.


90% percent of New Jersey properties have problems with drainage. L and R Landscaping will lay pipes or install a drywell to help improve the drainage on your property.


The licensed fertilizer technicians at L and R Landscaping will apply treatment, with a regular feeding of grass, plants, shrubbery and trees.

Pesticide Treatment

Properly applied insecticides will destroy regular weeds, crabgrass, and broadleaf weeds. Trees and shrubs also need regular pesticide treatment to protect against damaging insects and fungi. L and R Landscaping uses a double method to attack weeds and troublesome insects. The Permagreen machine is used to spray the entire landscape for weeds and fungi, then concentrated weed spots are treated with backpack sprayers.